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What currency do you accept?


We accept USD, EUR and MRV.


Where can I exchange money?


You can exchange money at Male International Airport. Please keep the transaction receipt in case you wish to convert back from MRV to your original currency. 


Is there an ATM on your island?


Yes, however it is not always reliable. Therefore is best to use an ATM in Male.


Do you accept credit cards?


We accept credit cards only for initial payments to secure the bookings.


What are the taxes? Are there any hidden fees?


The GST tax is 12%. Green Tax is $3.00 USD per person.There are no hidden fees.


Do you charge a service fee?


We do not charge a service fee.


How far are you from Male?


We are about 1h40 min speedboat ride away from Male.


How reliable are the speedboats and ferries?


Speedboats run without any issues unless the weather is very very bad. The least reliable is the night ferry as it can be cancelled due to weather conditions more frequently.


Do you arrange airport pick up and transfer to my ferry or public speedboat?


Yes, our guide will be waiting for you at the airport and transferring you to the ferry or public speedboat.


Do I need to book ferry/public speedboat tickets in advance?


There is no need to book ferry tickets in advance. We will book your public speedboat tickets and the cost will be added on to your room bill at check out.


How will I find your guide at the airport ?


He will have a sign "The Amazing Noovilu".


Can we enjoy alcohol on your island?


We are sorry but alcohol is not allowed on our island.


Where can I have an alcoholic drink?


You may have a drink in a resort where we can take you.


I arrive after the departure of the last 4:00 PM speedboat. What are my options?


Overnight stay in Male or Hulhumale and arrival next day.


I'm a weak swimmer. Is it safe to go snorkeling?


Yes, please always let us know if that's the case. We will assign a skilled guide to be with you at all times and we will provide a safety vest.


Are the reef sharks dangerous?


They are not.


Can I sunbathe in a bikini on your island?


Not at this moment. All female guests are asked to cover their shoulders and thighs but only when on our island.


What are the most popular excursions?


Whaleshark, Manta, Overnight stay on a deserted island,Picnic Island, Snorkeling Hopping, Fishing.


How far are you from the beach?


4 min walk.


Do you have a reef on your island?


Yes we have a beautiful house reef where you are welcomed to snorkel anytime.


Is your island safe?


Yes the island is very safe and the locals are respectful and friendly towards tourists.


Do you have Internet access? How much is it?


Yes we do have Internet access on the island. You can buy a data card in a wireless shop on our island for $12.00-$15.00 for 1GB and insert the card to your smartphone or tablet. Make sure the devices are unlocked.


What kind of food do you serve?


Maldivian food is a combination of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. We serve curries,eggs, fish, rice, noodles, roshi ( like Indian Rotti), fruits and veggies, juice, tea, coffee. Please let us know if you have food allergies.


Do you cater to vegans and vegetarians?




Is your food Halal?




Should I use a mosquito spray?


Yes we recommend using local Deed which we can get you at our local pharmacy.


What is Dhivehi?


Dhivehi is the native and official language used in the Maldives.


Can you arrange a seaplane?


Yes, technically this is possible at $285.00 USD per person one way and a shared cost of $200.00 for private speedboat transfer from the nearest landing platform.


Is there a doctor or pharmacy on the island?


Yes. We do have a hospital and pharmacy on the island.


Are there any restaurants on the island?


Yes there are 9 restaurants on the island. We even have a pizzeria!


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