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The most convenient way is to rent a private speedboat, which will take you to our island in about 1 hour 30 min . The price of the speedboat is about US$ 740.00 (depending on the fuel price), regardless of the number of persons travelling and the pick up is form the airport.


There are also public passenger speedboats travelling between Male and Mahibadhoo. The ride is about 1 h 20 min and the price is US$25.00. The most economic way to get from Male to Mahibadhoo is by ferry (US$ 6.48 or US$ 3.24, night ferry $10.00). The ride takes 4 1/2 hours.


The schedules are as follows:


Male - Mahibadhoo

Monday         8.30am  MTCC ferry
Monday         4.00pm  public speedboat

Tuesday         4.00pm  public speedboat

Wednesday   8.30am  MTCC ferry
Wednesday   4.00pm  public speedboat
Wednesday   6.00pm  night ferry

​Thursday       11.00am  public speedboat   
Thursday       4.00pm  public speedboat

Friday             9.00am  public speedboat        

Saturday        8.30am  MTCC ferry
​Saturday        11.00am  public speedboat
Saturday        4.00pm  public speedboat
Saturday       6.00pm  night ferry       

​Sunday          4.00pm  public speedboat

Mahibadhoo - Male

Monday         7.00am   public speedboat

Tuesday         7.00am   public speedboat
Tuesday        10.30am  public MTCC ferry

Wednesday   2.30am  public MTCC ferry
Wednesday   7.00am   public speedboat

Thursday       7.00am   public speedboat
Thursday       10.30am   public speedboat

Friday             7.00am  public speedboat    

Saturday       2.30am  public MTCC ferry
Saturday       7.00am   public speedboat
Saturday       10.30am   public speedboat

​Sunday          7.00am   public speedboat 
Sunday         10.30am  public MTCC ferry



Private speedboat can be arranged during daylight 7 days a week. 


Before you book your flight please keep in mind that you will need approximately 2 hours from the moment you land to the moment you board the ferry or public speedboat. Private speedboat will be faster. Once you have booked your international flight you can just drop us your details so we can arrange your arrival and departure accordingly. Of course we will organize everything for you and pick you up from the airport (pick up /drop off fee is $15.00 USD fee per party) to make sure your transfer goes smoothly.


We look forward to meeting you at the airport!


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