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Authentic Maldives... 

Join hundreds of

guests who have visited our guesthouse since 2011 and had the time of their life!

Scuba Diving Now Available!

Welcome to The Amazing Noovilu. We are a small boutique guesthouse only 3 minutes away from a beach with a beautiful reef located on the island of Mahibadhoo, Maldives.

the island

Mahibadhoo is one of 200 inhabited islands here in The Maldives. Its population is over 2000 people, length of the island 950m and width 300m.

the people​

We are mostly fisherman or work in tourism around local resorts. We also work in construction, local restaurants, carpentry and build boats.

the package​

The price of the room includes food, beverages, activities, snorkeling equipment, guided tours and much more. Internet available at additional cost.

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