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Maldives have always been considered one of the most expensive destinations on our planet. However, recent years have shown that with the help of the Maldivian government the vast beauty can now be available not only to the affluent but surpisingly also many young backpackers checking MV off their bucket lists. Over the years we have seen a variety of types of travelers: families with infants, families with 80 year parents, single moms with children, newlyweds, co workers on a retreat and many more who until now have always believed that they could not afford a trip like this. With their expierience we have developed ways to share with our future guests best ways to travel to the Maldives on a budget.

1. Fly in from Middle East, Sri Lanka or India

Most travelers search for flights directly from point X to Male's Ibrahim Nasir Airport. Very few know that the search engines are not always developed to actually find the most optmized price points. Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to look for flights having in mind places like Quatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Istanbul, Colombo or several cities in India. Keep in mind that large booking sites often don't include cheap airlines like Air Asia. Play around the dates and break down your trip to smaller chunks and you will surely find an awesome deal.

2. Clear those cookies

For seasoned travelers this is not a novelty. Have you noticed that by increasing the number of searches often the price suddenly goes up? That is because your cookies are stored and the booking sites know that you are most likely going to book anyways even if the price slightly goes up. Clear your cookies and enjoy the discounts.

3. Look for promos on airline's main websites too

Turkish Airlines tend to have 400 EURO roundtrip flights to Male from Instanbul. Make sure to check out the websites of the key airlines fliying to the Maldives - Emirates, Turkish, Etihad. One way is to LIKE them on Facebook and add to favorites.

4. Take public transportation only

There is a growing number of reliable and inexpensive options to travel within the Maldives. The cheapest option is ferry which doesn't need to be booked in advance. The schedule and routes is available here.

5. Avoid arriving on Fridays

Fridays are a holiday in the Maldives. Whatever you - do not arrive on Fridays unless you are OK with spending the night in Male or Hulhumale area and come the next day.


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